Mancunians Support United Than City

Mancunians Support United Than City

There have been discussions on which team has higher support from the Mancunians between City and United. Research and reports were done to find the truth in that argument that is discussed over again for years. Fans have argued for long with each one taking a side to favor their squad which makes them happy.

Manchester United has continued to enjoy massive support from fans from all over the world as well as manchester because of their performance staged during the reign of Fergusson. The team won many notable trophies in soccer as well as producing great players, Ryann Giggs, Christiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, and David Beckham. Mancunians have their local teams like Wigan Athletic, Manchester City, Rochdale and many more, which they cheer upon their local level. Still, if they are conversing with fans from other places, they like to be identified as Manchester United fans.

Stockport football, the blue's team, was

The religious divide in 1960, fueled the manchester red getting fans since the Catholics were members of red while protestants were for the blue. Catholic religion has followers in the United Kingdom, therefore, attributing to the red side having fans than their opponents blue. It also followed that the generations that followed were inheriting the team from their parents and grandparents. A move from then has caused this red’s side to have various fans than this blue side.

Stockport football, the blue’s team, was featured in the English Premier League for several years until 1996 when it was relegated; at that time, United was at its peak, with even winning the Premier League consecutive times. City became a good team after it was bought by Sheikh Mansoor, started to rebuild as well as winning trophies. Their fanbase started to grow in the last decade since they have dominated in the domestic leagues, but football fans are still loyal to the red devils.

Research conducted has shown that Mancunians

Loyalty to football is demonstrated in football fans since they have continued to stand with United for all those years despite giving bad results recently. They believe the excellence at City was purchased by the investments from the UAE, and they believe that it has an expiry date, consequently, they do not associate themselves with the blues.

Research conducted has shown that Mancunians are fans of this United club, with a ratio of 4:1 compared to City. Different companies have conducted research to find which team is supported by numerous fans, and also to end rumours that United has supporters from outside their town. Analysis carried out by different companies have always yielded out similar results that United has several Mancunians than City. The red devils have dominated over their counterparts citizens by numerous supporters.

Mancunians Support United Than City

Statistics from matches between two teams indicate red devils have a huge following even if a game is played at their Etihad stadium. The Etihad Stadium is the official ground of the blue side. Reports from the past matches show large numbers of United fans in those derbies, and United have won 77 times out of 185 encounters. In all the games Man U have had the highest number of fans compared to their neighbours.

Another approach used to determine which team is leading in terms of the fanbase was getting a report on sales of merchandise from both sides. The research involved a comparison of how products from each team are fetched by customers within their city. Reports from sales of products are indicating that this red side has sold out their merchandise than City, meaning that United have numerous fans than their neighbours. This is because it is assumed that selling of products is done to fans, it is unlikely for a person to buy merchandise of a team that does not support it.

In 1992, the English Premier League was started and United was dominating that league, consequently, true Mancunians were impressed by the performance of their team as well as the way it was representing them in their entire country. The Mancunians are supporting the United because of the glory the team brought to their nation. Players influence have had an impact on making football fanatics stick to the red devils. Fanship is transferrable from parents to children, and Mancunians will remain to be loyal to their old champion which is popularly known as the red devils.