Pachanga Ibiza Carnival


Brightening up your July is our Ibiza Carnival party from Pachanga! One of the biggest names from the white Isle, these guys know how to throw a party. The carnival rolls into town on Saturday 28th July and features Manchester’s Jimmy Switch as headliner…

Jimmy made his name at legendary Manchester club Sankeys, and his energetic DJ set is guaranteed to have you in Ibiza carnival mode in no time.

So get your best Ibiza outfit ready and create some special Ibiza moments at our collaboration with Pachanga!

Having gathered a cult following, the party places the clubber at the centre of the action. With full light show, CO2 cannons as well as our first-rate sound system, the result is an immersive experience with an ace soundtrack.

WIN a table + booze, simply tell us you’re joining us on our Facebook event page and we’ll pre-select a winner before the event! 

Looking to party like an Ibiza A-lister?

We’ve got Private Booths and VIP Experiences!

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